‘Hold Tight’ TV Review

Hold Tight‘ is a Polish crime drama miniseries made by ATM Grupa S.A. and Netflix. Running for six episodes, it is directed by Bartosz Konopka and Michal Gazda. The show is based on a 2008 bestselling novel by Harlan Corben. I have not read the novel, so I cannot compare the two. I will simply be reviewing it as a miniseries.

Anna Barczyk (Magdalena Boczarska) is an over-protective mom who puts spyware on her son Adam’s (Krzysztof Oleksyn) phone, against the wishes of her husband Michal (Leszek Lichota). He confides in his girlfriend Kaja (Agata Labno) that he is feeling guilty after the death of his friend from a drug overdose. Shortly thereafter, he disappears. As Anna desperately searches for him, Police Detective Ewelina Miller (Julia Wyszynska) is working on the case of women disappearing and finds a strange link to Adam’s disappearance.

I have not read the book, so I will not be able to compare the show to the novel.

The aesthetics look fine. The cinematography, editing, music, and are all competent and satisfactory for the viewing experience.

That is about where it ends. It is like the producers told the screenwriters to make all of the characters as unlikable as possible. The dialogue is lame, the acting is subpar, and these characters make the most incredibly stupid decisions. you would think this show is a b-horror movie.

For one thing, Anna and Michal are some of the worst parents I have seen on TV. Oh sure, not in the sense they are abusive, but man, they are completely paranoid and have incredibly poor boundaries for their adult son. Kaja is a spoiled brat. She is openly disrespectful to her parents, and yes I know her boyfriend is missing, but seriously, she needed to be taken down a notch.

They also included this police officer, who had a small role, but he was so cartoonishly sexist that I am pretty sure any misogynist would watch it and say, “At I’m not THAT bad.” Also, Miller, who is supposed to be the “strong female” of the cast comes off as a nag. She chastises her boss, yes her boss, for saying, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.” It was silly, forced, and comical about how often she would do obnoxious things like that.

There was also a subplot that I thought would connect to the main story arc, but it does not. I do not even know why it was represented. It had nothing to do with the main story and was kind of boring. Even if it was part of the book, they should have somehow tried to connect it better with Adam’s disappearance.

These are just a few examples. Basically, all of the men are annoying chumps and all of the women are hysterical nags. It was a joke of a show that was billed as a “thriller,” but ended up being so incredibly boring and pointless with some of the worst

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Inappropriate humor, Foul language, Violence

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