‘A Man And His Cat’ Volume 2 Manga Highlight

A Man and his Cat is a manga that was originally released as a webcomic by Umi Sakurai. It is a slice-of-life comedy about a man who adopts a cat after the death of his wife. With volume 2, we get a bigger look at this small world.

Following volume 1, Mr. Kanda is a teacher who is popular with his students. While he is educating, he is learning about what it is like to be a new pet owner for his new kitty Fukumaru. His friends and colleagues notice that he is somewhat happier and those that inquire are stunned to learn it is a cat. Meanwhile, Fukumaru is adjusting to being a pet but makes a few mistakes like thinking his reflection is an intruder. Nonetheless, the two work things out no matter what.

Sometimes you just need to slow down and read something with a chill vibe. That is definitely this story. Honestly, I am not a cat person and this manga does not tip that balance, but it is still fun to read. I primarily read things with a lot of action, so this was a good calm in the storm. The story of Kanda is compelling and we get a glimpse into his past both with his late wife and his time as a child. Those moments really gave insight and made the story richer.

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