‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 4’ Manga Highlight

Spun-off from MHA by Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 4 is the next step in this manga series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and drawn by Betten Court. It is the first cover not to feature The Crawler.

Pop Step is reluctantly recruited for a concert by Koichi Haimawari’s classmate and friend Makoto, who works for the American hero Captain Celebrity. To their surprise, their mentor Knuckleduster approves of the concert. As they prepare, Knuckleduster is actually on the hunt for his long-lost daughter Kuin Hachisuka, a villain who has been using her “queen bee” abilities to inject people with “trigger” a steroid that enhances the power quirks. Meanwhile, some pro heroes are growing suspicious of the vigilantes.

One of the coolest parts of this particular volume is the appearance of some key MHA heroes including All-Might, Deku, Midnight, and a few others. Some are just appearances in bonus panels, but it was still neat to see the crossover.

As for the main arc, Knuckleduster takes the star here. We have known little about his past up to this point and this time we get a glimpse into his family. He is still the top dog and his battle with his daughter is emotional and confusing, but also gives a clue into his life.

There was also a really neat silhouette drawing of Knuckleduster that looked like it was done in the style of Frank Miller which really put the cherry on top.

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