‘Northern Blood’ Graphic Novel Review

Northern Blood is an indie graphic novel created by the duo Antonio Rojo and Jason Michalski. In full disclosure, I supported the crowdfunding campaign behind it and would do it again.

During World War 2, a group of American soldiers are pinned down by Nazis. Forced to retreat, they take refuge in a cave, only to discover Viking gold. The Nazis come in and kill everyone but one soldier named Frank. They are soon attacked by a mysterious skeleton clad in Viking armor. The Nazis rough Frank up and put him in a cell with some Scandanavian prisoners. Upon hearing that the Nazis stole the gold, the citizens tell Frank that a group of Vikings were cursed and they will rise to kill whoever stole their precious treasure. At first, Frank brushes it off as a ghost story, until the base is attacked by an army of undead Vikings.

What can I say? I freaking loved this comic book. It is so cool to see indie creators explore their imagination and take us back in time. Sure, zombie stories are a dime-a-dozen these days, but this comic creates a unique story with unique lore. I was hooked from page one and was actually sad when it was over. Its blend of historical fiction and horror fantasy made it an enthralling tale with excellent artwork. If you get a chance to purchase it, do not hesitate.

Check out the cover here:

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