Jonathan Young, Caleb Hyles, and RichaadEB: Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” (Metal Cover) Music Review

“Kiss From A Rose” was originally released as a 1994 single by musician Seal and was later featured the same year on his second album Seal II. It was well-received, but its appearance on the soundtrack of Batman Forever in 1995 propelled it into fame. Jonathan Young and his frequent collaborators Caleb Hyles and RichaadEB drop a metal cover of the soulful song.

Young, Hyles, and RichaadEB all bring their own unique talent to the song. They honor what Seal had done before while putting a rock spin on it. Sure, their cover is not as good as Seal’s original version, but they definitely brought their A-game to this homage. It was well composed, sleek, and just plain cool. I liked their take on it, but I still think more Batman was needed for their music video.

Check out the music video below:

“I think it’s the general vibe of what I’m saying that is important and not the exact literal translation. The song is always larger in the listener’s mind because with it they attach imagery which is relative to their own personal experience. So it is your perception of what I’m saying rather than what I actually way that is the key,” Seal said of the song according to Smooth Radio.

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