‘Batman Gotham Knights: Transference’ Graphic Novel Review

Batman Gotham Knights: Transference is a graphic novel collection of the first twelve issues of the DC Comics series Gotham Knights written by Devin Grayson. Though it launched in 2000, this first volume was not released until 2020.

Batman faces a harsh truth when the parents of a young heir are murdered in a seemingly senseless crime. Barbara Gordon, operating as the Oracle, comes to terms with what the Joker did to her. Meanwhile, Dr. Hugo Strange is playing the long game in corrupting Batman, Nightwing, Alfred, and Robin as Bruce Wayne seemingly gets amnesia following an exploding at his corporate headquarters. This frustrates the Batman Family, who are confused by Bruce Wayne’s lack of memories as Dr. Strange plans to take over the mantle.

Dale Eaglesham, Jen Van Meter, Roger Robinson, Paul Ryan are the illustrators for this series and they do a fantastic job. My one complaint is that Hugo Strange looks too much like Batman while he is posing as the Dark Knight. I would have given him a dad bod or at least a costume that looked slightly different, but other than that, I enjoyed it.

Grayson does an excellent job as the writer. She crafts some pretty good tales that flesh out Batman’s relationship with his extended family. Catwoman, Dr. Thompkins, Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Alfred, and Commissioner Gordon are all given the spotlight with diary entries that explain his connection to them. It was a good connection that brought the iconic guardian of Gotham into a new type of tale.

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