‘Konosuba’ Anime Season 1 Review

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World is a 2016 comedy fantasy anime based on the isekai manga created by Natsume Akatsuki. The first season consists of ten episodes and was developed by the Japanese animation production company Studio Deen.

Kazuma Sato (Arnie Pantoja) is a Japanese teen who dies a humiliating death after suffering a heart attack attempting to save a woman from a slow-moving tractor. He appears before the deity Aqua (Faye Mata) who mocks him, but promises if he can defeat the “demon king” in the next world he is reincarnated in, she will restore his life in Japan. After being allowed to take his memories and one “item,” Kazuma says he will take Aqua. The two then find themselves in an RPG-like world where he becomes an adventurer. Recruiting the explosive crimson witch Megumin (Erica Mendez) and the masochistic knight Darkness (Cristina Vee), the four embark on hilarious adventures, achieving their goals mostly through good luck than skill.

So… this anime is hilarious. I laughed out loud virtually every episode and enjoyed it overall. Kazuma’s banter and off-screen commentary make the plot hysterical, especially considering he tries to play the big hero, but sometimes even abandons his allies to get what he wants or to just run away.

Sure, the overt sexual humor does start to get old, especially coming from Darkness. However, once you get past that, I especially enjoyed his arguments with Aqua. They were hysterical, especially since she was basically a goddess who is now reduced to doing parlor tricks but is oblivious to this. A lot of the humor comes from this, but my favorite sequences were Megumin blowing things up, only to immediately be paralyzed afterward. She only uses this one spell and I laughed every time she used it.

Essentially, it acts as a parody of the isekai, a speculative fiction genre that involved regular folks being pulled into another world. It does that beautifully and while I cannot recommend this series for younger viewers, I think those more mature would enjoy it, especially if you are familiar with this subgenre.

Check out the trailer below:

This review is based on the English dub.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Suggestive and rude humor, Foul language, Violence, Some sexual overtones

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