‘The Plot Holes’ Graphic Novel Review

The Plot Holes is an independent comic book written and drawn by Sean Gordon Murphy with coloring from Matt Hollingsworth and Dave Stewart.

Comic book writer Cliff ‘Inkslayer’ Wieselwitz is struggling to make it in his chosen career. That is until he is approached by a mysterious woman who calls herself the Editor. It turns out that Cliff is a fictional character who is about to be killed off in the book series he exists in. The Editor recruits him into the Plot Holes, a group of heroes and villains from various canceled projects who “edit” books to ensure their survival in a digital library. Unfortunately, one of their former members has been possessed by a computer virus and his power is being used to erase the books. Cliff soon finds himself thrown into a plot of its own that could spell the end of literature.

Murphy is an incredibly talented artist. I particularly love how he draws characters and this one is no exception. He captures regular folk, fantasy creatures, vampires, newspaper comic strips, and even manga heroes in a way that pulls you in.

The story is also very impressive. I loved how he developed all of his characters, making them incredibly unique and relatable. I appreciated all of them and each brought something special to the plot. Honestly, without these characters, the story might have seemed bland, but they made it exciting and I loved it.

In full disclosure, I supported the crowdfunding campaign for this graphic novel and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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