‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 8 Comic Book Review

DC Comics, writer Chip Zdarsky, and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico bring us the eighth issue of Batman: The Knight, the new NEW origin for the Dark Knight.

Bruce Wayne arrives at the home of Dr. Daniel Captio seeking advice on how to reshape his mind so he can fight crime without fear. Captio agrees and begins training Bruce in his various techniques. The two of them soon come to disagreements when Captio reveals that the true test lies in wait.

So much fricking talking, narrating, talking, exposition, narrating, talking, oh look an action sequence… and more talking. This story was so incredibly boring that I was yawning throughout the whole thing. Before the series was not justifying its existence, but in the home stretch, it is just turning bad. Not even a Ra’s al Ghul tease could save it.

Part of the problem is Bruce’s relationship with Anton. Since DC Comics has started to rewrite their characters to please whiners on social media, they do not want to fully commit to Batman being gay or bi, so they just drop hints. It’s incredibly cowardly of them. I mean, if you’re going to anger fans who are tired of their heroes being tokenized, just do it. Also, Anton is a bad character. He is boring, flat, poorly designed, and his dialogue is cringe-level bad.

The lack of imagination in this series is incredible. The writers tease fans with nostalgia bait like Zatanna, Ducard, and a few other names, but then self-insert themselves in these boring original characters with stories that are yawn-inducing and boring. Batman is DC Comics’ flagship character and them wasting our time with this poorly-contrived new origin is embarrassing for them.

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