‘D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?’ TV Documentary Review

Netflix brings us the four-part true crime ‘D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?‘ The film is directed by Marina Zenovich and stars Tom Colbert, who has written about D.B. Cooper in the past.

On November 24, 1971, a man called Dan Cooper hijacked Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305, threatening to blow up the plane if he didn’t get money. After releasing most of the hostages after getting his money and parachutes, he jumped out of the plane vanishing and creating a pop culture icon. As the FBI and amateur detectives searched for him, he remained a mystery. Because the media did not do its due diligence, they reported his name as “D.B. Cooper,” and an American myth was born.

In the first episode, they threw in this line about stewardesses being “fetishized” and went on a tangent about sexism in airlines. I honestly rolled my eyes. If that was an issue, do a separate film about it. This pearl-clutching during a documentary about a man who threatened a plane full of passengers with a bomb was cringe.

Besides that, I thought it was a decent show. They described the crime and the aftermath pretty well. Through interviews and archival footage we get glimpses into the times, the crime, and how Cooper got away with it. We also get a look at two of the biggest suspects.

Now, I do think it spent too much time in “Cooperland,” what they called the fanbase for this thug who threatened to blow up a plane. I would have cut that bit shorter and focused more on the obscure suspects in the crime.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some violence, Thematic elements, Foul language,

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