‘My Son Hunter’ Review- Goes Where Hollywood Dares Not

My Son Hunter is a political thriller directed by Robert Davi. It is produced by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, who also developed it via their Unreported Story Society with Breitbart News handling the release.

After a night of hard partying in 2020, Hunter Biden (Laurence Fox) connects with a stripper named Kitty (Emma Gojkovic). Shortly afterward, his father former Vice President Joe Biden (John James) arrives with his secret service agent (Gina Carano). The former Veep berates his son over losing his laptop, saying it could cost him the 2020 election. After parting ways, Hunter talks with Kitty and relays one of the zaniest stories of a political dynasty.

Shot in a style similar to The Big Short, the characters regularly break the fourth wall to speak directly to the audience for clarification or to make a joke at the subject’s expense. It is a unique way to tell the story and I found it refreshing for this incredible tale.

Right off the bat, I want to say that Fox did amazing as Hunter. There is a temptation to portray him as a cartoon villain, considering what a creep he is in real life. However, Fox delivers a measured and proportional portrayal that not only showed his acting skills but gave it a sense of gritty realism.

Gina Carano was such a delight. Her role was a bit smaller in this film, but I enjoyed her approach as a woman who has to be within proximity of the Bidens. Always on edge, but maintaining a sense of dignity when approached by one of them.

If there was one critical note, it would be at a scene early on where the film touches on the 2020 riots and the media’s bad reporting of them that felt out of place, but this is a slight quibble as it did not derail the film.

Outside of that, buckle up because you are not prepared for what you see. It is hard to believe that, while dramatized, this is a real tale. The movie takes you on a wild ride of nepotism, media malpractice, scandal, hard-partying, and so much more. All the players pull you in and you want to look away, but simply cannot. It was well-written and takes no prisoners with its approach.

Bottom line, My Son Hunter is not a movie that you will see come out of Hollywood. It is too delicate for them. Fortunately, there were those who did and the audience will get to see this shocking tale.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Substance abuse, Sexual content

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’ll never forget corn pop. He was a bad dude.

Check out the trailer below:

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