‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Vol. 3’ Manga Highlight

Spun-off from the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, writer Hideyuki Furuhashi and artist Betten Court brings us ‘My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Volume 3.’ It is a superhero series from Shonen Jump and published in the United States by Viz Media.

Koichi is falling behind with his college studies since illegally fighting crime as the Crawler with his mentor Knuckleduster and ally Pop-Step. As such, his classmate Makato begins tutoring him, making Pop-Step feel a bit jealous. They are stunned when arrogant American pro-hero Captain Celebrity arrives and starts to butt in with his “heroics” fighting “instant villains” created by the drug Trigger. However, he faces his worst challenge yet when his mother comes to town.

I laughed so hard at this volume. Clearly, Captain Celebrity was meant to take potshots at Marvel and DC superheroes. He comes to Japan after a scandal, but instead of helping, he is only interested in getting famous. It was hilarious watching the arrogance of the “comic book pros” manifested in this character. Props to them for pulling it off so brilliantly.

It was also cool to see The Crawler and Pop-Step grow as characters, learning about one another. Knuckleduster continues to be a rockstar. Sure, he is gruff, but watching him train his pupils is pretty cool. I also enjoyed the “side stories” that connected these stories to the main arc.

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