‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 7 Comic Book Review

Comic book writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico brings us to issue 7 of the new New origin for the Caped Crusader with Batman: The Knight.

Bruce Waye is back in America and then time learning stage magic from John Zatara and flirting with his daughter Zatanna. However, a demon attacks John, causing Bruce to rethink his approach to magic and how it will affect his upcoming crusade.

I had high expectations for this comic book. When I heard that Zatanna, one of my favorite magical heroes, was going to appear, I had an ounce of excitement. That was premature. Like all of the issues in this series, it refuses to justify its existence. The series glosses over important parts of Bruce’s training, highlights boring parts, and for a while, introduced characters no one cared about.

Now they have an opportunity to bring in a fan-favorite classic and modern character to the forefront and instead they just give us a typical magical fight with Bruce Wayne’s origins slapped onto it. The story felt unexciting with DC Comics once again giving me a letdown when it comes to my favorite comic book character.

Like many characters in recent years, Batman is no longer a legend. He is a tool for modern comic book pros to put “self-inserts” with their own troubles and beliefs instead of the conflicts that shape him as the Dark Knight. This is also true of Zatara and Zatanna. Paragons of urban magic, these two are now nothing more than background characters who are barely a blip.

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