‘Black Tide Rising: Volume One’ Graphic Novel Review

Black Tide Rising: Volume One‘ is from the mind of sci-fi writers John Ringo and Mike Massa. This graphic novel is scripted by Chuck Dixon with the artwork being done by Derlis Santacruz. It was published by Hound Dog Media and Baen.

Steve Smith is a professor who gets an alert from his brother Tom alerting him that a zombie virus has broken out in New York City and is spreading quickly. Taking his wife Stacey, older daughter Sophia, and teen daughter Faith out on a boat, they hide until Tom recruits them all for a secret mission to find a vaccine. As the virus continues to spread, the Smiths and their allies are soon finding themselves overwhelmed by a growing number of zombies.

The writing team for this graphic novel is top-notch. You got The Last Centurion author John Ringo, Murphy’s Lawless trilogy writer Mike Massa, and the comic book writing legend Chuck Dixon, the co-creator of Batman villain Bain, bringing their A-game.

I am always hesitant when the story revolves around a family because it can become boring, but that was not the case. You follow the Smiths as they live on the edge. They see friends, civilians, and even family members become threatened by the zombie outbreak. It was thrilling and a lot of fun to read.

The artwork was also spot on. It complimented the story very well and did a good job of making the characters seem unique. I was impressed by it and I cannot wait for volume two.

I also have to say, the cover by Dave Dorman is pretty cool:

In full disclosure, I supported this comic book’s crowdfunding campaign.

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