‘Bane: Conquest’ Graphic Novel Review

Bane co-creators Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan return to the character in 2018, bringing him to his roots in the DC Comics series ‘Bane: Conquest.’ This gave fans a much-needed break from the ridiculousness of Tom King’s run on Batman.

Batman and Bane are captured by a mad scientist called Dyonisis, who is trapped in an egg-shaped mech suit. The two are forced to work together. While the Dark Knight shuts the place down, Bane goes on a rampage. After destroying the place, Dyonisis convinces Bane to take him as a prisoner as he has a tip. The terrorist group Kobra is in disarray and Bane could take over their criminal enterprise. Bane does this, killing their leader, and begins unraveling them as they search for an infant to be their new leader. Bane gathers Gunhawk, The Beast, King Faraday, and a few other villains to prepare to go to war with Kobra, but the cult is more prepared than he realizes.

I rarely enjoy comic books where the villain is the protagonist. I often find that these stories have more gimmicks than an actual plot, but this one is the exception. I think because Dixon and Nolan actually created the character of Bane, they handle his story very well. It is sharp, brutal, and a thrill ride across the entire series. Nolan’s artwork felt like a trip down memory lane and added even more depth to the story. This one came out as Batman comics first began to struggle, but this one stood out as a return to the character’s roots.

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