‘Thin Blue Line’ Graphic Novel Review

Comic book writer Mike Baron along with artists Joseph Arnold and Jeff Slemons bring us ‘Thin Blue Line.‘ It is a graphic novel brought to us by a very successful crowdfunding campaign that, in full disclosure, I backed.

Police officer and single mother Val is partnered with experienced cop Three Jays during a volatile moment in their city as thugs are causing rioting in the streets. As tensions rise, she is warned not to trust Jay as it is hinted he might be dirty. There is no time to think about that as rioters storm the mayor during a speech, forcing Val and a few fellow officers into action, dodging rioters and also gangs during a time of intense violence.

The comic book captures the horror we in the cities where there were riots felt, but from a different perspective, following these heroic officers in a story ripped from the headlines. I was pulled in and was enthralled on every page as we follow the protagonists. The artwork complements the story with excellence, highlighting both the tense and tender moments in the plot. I also appreciate that the creators behind the graphic novel used it to raise money for officers and their families. I highly recommend you grab a copy.

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