‘Murder in the Cottage’ Documentary Review

Murder at the Cottage: The Search for Justice for Sophie is a five-part true crime documentary series written, directed, and hosted by filmmaker Jim Sheridan. It was made by SKY Studios and explores the murder of a French movie producer.

Just before Christmas in 1996, a French filmmaker named Sophie Toscan Du Plantier who had purchased a cottage in West Cork, Ireland is found dead from a blow to the head near the gate to her property. Her husband and the rest of the family have alibis, leading the Irish police investigators to focus on a freelance reporter Ian Bailey whose article on the crime seemed to have more knowledge than was publicly available. As the investigation drags on longer than a decade, the family takes matters into their hands to get justice for Sophie.

I previously watched another documentary covering this crime, that one was done by Netflix, which provided a sort of overview of the case. Sheridan’s docuseries take us into the investigation into Ian Bailey who suffered greatly as many believe him to be the killer to this day. He interviews Bailey and his girlfriend who were hounded. It uses interviews, archival footage, and sequences of the beautiful Irish landscape to show the crime.

As I stated previously, Bailey, if he is innocent, certainly did not do himself any favors. He proclaims his innocence, saying he did not even know Sophie. However, he makes several conflicting statements, lacks an alibi, has a history of domestic abuse, and constantly inserts himself into the case. This behavior makes him appear suspicious not only to the police but the community and Sophie’s family. In his defense, Bailey is innocent until proven guilty and France behaved silly when they found him guilty in absentia in a kangaroo court.

This documentary is definitely well-made, highlighting the numerous missteps that the authorities took while investigating the crime. It does a good job of that, pulling you into Sophie’s life and the tragedy of her death. Hopefully, her family will find some justice.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Discussion of murder, Disturbing topics, Strong foul languages

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