10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Worthy To Lift Mjolnir

Several heroes in the Marvel Universe have been worthy to lift Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. This includes Captain America, Vision, and Beta Ray Bill. What if the mighty hammer ended up in another world, specifically an anime? Who across the action, fantasy, shonen, isekai, and shoujo worlds would be worthy enough to lift the mighty Mjolnir. In no particular order, here are 10 Anime Heroes Who Would Be Worthy To Lift Mjolnir:

Goblin Slayer

Yes, he would aim the thunder at one enemy, but the stoic, brave, loyal, and fierce adventurer could lift the Mjolnir. It would even be an ideal weapon for him, considering he prefers clubs, short swords, daggers, and small axes for his battle against the goblins.


A selfless hero who became a “symbol of peace,” All-Might selflessly gave up his power knowing it was time for his apprentice would replace him. His heroic deeds and facing horrors with a smile make him a good candidate to lift the hammer.


During her time being trapped in the game Aincrad, she fearlessly took on dungeons, bosses, and evil players in order to save the gamers trapped in the game. Her skills, heart, and incorruptible attitude make her worthy.


The flame Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corp was good-natured, strong, fierce, and one of the greatest warriors among his ranks. Even facing catastrophic injuries, his sheer force of will make him a mighty warrior.


Also known as the Demon Cyborg, he is a hero that will charge into any situation in order to save the day. His mentor Saitama and he often do heroics while racing to the supermarket for special deals.


The “copy ninja” mentored many of the greatest warriors in Land of Fire and would go on to become lead them as the Hokage. He might like his harlequin novels, but he is loyal, strong, fierce, and powerful enough to wield the Executioner Blade, so why not Mjolnir?


From slave to vassal hero, she is a strong warrior who protects the Shield Hero, acting as his sword. Beginning as a scared young demi-human, she rose to a rank where she was found worthy to wield a powerful katana. Logic follows she could also wield the hammer.


Maybe controversial, but it is clear from finding the Dragon Balls and beyond that, showing how the powerful Saiyan has a clueless, but skilled mind. For a time, he would use the cloud “Flying Nimbus,” which only those with a pure heart and mind could use.

Natsu Dragneel

Noble, kind, and, yes, headstrong and stubborn. Natsu has battled some of the powerful villains in the Kingdom of Magnolia, with his ability to control fire. He would wield Mjolnir on willpower alone as he fights his enemies.

Princess Yona

She is a fierce princess who, at the beginning of the show would not have been worthy, but proves herself when she has to go on the run when her cousin stages a coup. With the help of her bodyguard and the dragon warriors she meets. Whereas Thor learned humbleness, Yona learned about courage in a mirror of the Avenger’s journey.

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