Ronin Expo 2022

I had the privileged of attending this year’s Ronin Expo, a Japanese cultural convention in the Little Tokyo section of downtown Los Angeles, California. Armed with only my phone and with my wife by my side, we headed out there, found a decently priced parking garage, and checked it out.

The event was on the smaller side, with only one main stage outside in the summer sun and the indoors where the bulk of the artist’s galley was taken. It was incredibly well organized with a lot of really cool vendors to buy art, trinkets, clothes, and books.

Since the theme was Japanese culture, it mainly focused on anime and manga but also had a dedicated area for gamers with the open-world RPG Genshin Impact. This game was everywhere and complimented the look. It was loads of fun and I was able to get several art pieces and stickers for my collection. Of course, the food truck Okamota Kitchen was there and that only enhanced the fun.

You can check out my adventure there on Instagram:

I have two main complaints about it. The first is they are still going through the unnecessary pandemic restrictions and the second is they needed more places to sit. It was a hot summer day so seating would have been good.

The website describes the event as follows,

“Ronin-Expo started in 2017 and was founded by six individuals that met and collaborated over the years at numerous events in Southern California. Since its inception the main focus of Ronin-Expo has been to promote a sense of community within Los Angeles and for those with a love of Asian culture. Ronin-Expo strives to collaborate with and encourage participation with artists, gamers, performers, and locals to create the most engaging and enjoyable experience possible.

Located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, Ronin-Expo chose this location with the goal of being at the heart of one of the most prominent Japanese cities in the United States. While attending the con, guests can also visit the surrounding museums, dine at the local restaurants, and experience all that the city has to offer.

At Ronin-Expo, we celebrate the diverse aspects of the community. Our mission is to promote love, friendship, and knowledge through engagement with Asian art and culture in North America.”

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