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Health and weight loss coach Mimi Kroger joins StudioJake to talk about her new book ‘Diets Don’t Work: There’s a Different Way to Permanently Lose Weight.’ She discusses how to get healthy using biblical principles and finding “health and wholeness rooted in a relationship with the Holy Spirit.” Being healthy physically can be overlooked by Christians, so this will be a fascinating discussion.

If you take her free challenge, you can get a free e-book version of ‘Diets Don’t Work‘ using the link:

Check out the interview below:

“Just as our body requires food and water to survive, and our spirit needs a Savior to be brought to life, so our soul prospers as we acknowledge and provide for its needs through the guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit.” ​- Mimi Kroger.

You can check out her website: Healthyhappyandheavenly.com

About Mimi Kroger:

“Mimi Kroger is a Health & Weight Loss Coach with a heart for helping others heal through Biblical principles. She’s the bestselling author of Holy Spirit, Help Me Heal: Overcoming Disease & Dysfunction through Spirit Connection & Soul Healing.

As a speaker, nationally certified personal trainer, nutrition guide, and behavior change specialist she guides her clients to health and wholeness rooted in a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Mimi and her husband, Ben, both share a love for helping people establish wellness in their lives and founded Sozo Health and Fitness in 2013.

Mimi runs a faith-based branch of Sozo Health and Fitness called, Healthy Happy & Heavenly, after healing from an eating disorder, body image issues, lupus, and other life traumas with the wisdom, guidance, and comfort the Holy Spirit provides.

She brings others into the same freedom she’s received through nutritional guidance and by discovering the root causes of emotional comfort eating and other addictions so they can live joyful, healthy, and destiny-fulfilling lives.

Her free Online Challenge, Diets Don’t Work: There’s a different way to permanently lose weight provides insight, encouragement, and guidance in setting people free from the futile cycle of deprivation dieting and into all things Heavenly.

Join her Facebook community, Healthy Happy & Heavenly for tips, inspiration, and support on the journey to a healthier you!

Mimi also serves her community through 3 John 2 Ministries, a non-profit organization, equipping individuals on how to connect with the Holy Spirit, nourishing their souls through that connection, and healing physical disease or emotional dis-ease as a result.

She’s the proud mom of an awesome adult son and resides in Colorado with her loving husband and tenacious Yorkie named Hugs!”

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