‘Iron Man/Hellcat Annual’ Comic Book Review

Iron Man/Hellcat Annual‘ is a 2022 one-shot from Marvel Comics. It is written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Ruairi Coleman with a cover from Logan Lubera.

Shortly after turning down Tony Stark’s proposal, Patsy Walker takes a break from being the Avenger known as Hellcat to visit a house in San Francisco she inherited from her mother. When she arrives, a talking teddy bear pulls her into another dimension and she is barely able to call Iron Man for help. When he arrives, Blackheart reveals his dark plan.

The artwork is fine. I thought the character designs as well as the aesthetics of the house made it definitely seem haunted. I thought the Iron Man armor looked cool and Hellcat’s outfit was pretty neat as well. The action flowed very well and I thought it was done with excellence.

As for the story, it was okay. I mean, it avoided woke politics and what not, but it was still kind of vanilla. The story played it safe by trying to avoid angering no one, so it came off as just sort of a filler story. Nothing terrible, but it certainly was not what use to qualify as an “Annual.”

I was never a fan of Iron Man and Hellcat. Sure, a good writer can make any relationship work, but this one felt forced. To me, this one-shot only solidified that position. It was written in a way where they had no chemistry, and granted, it is after she refused his proposal, but still, if she is contacting her ex for help, give them some decent tension.

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