‘Street-Level Apologetics’ Review- Grab It While You Can | StudioJake Faith

Evangelist and livestreamer Vocab Malone brings us this new book ‘Street-Level Apologetics.’ It is a practical guide on bringing the love of Christ to the streets, explaining what to do if you encounter cults, other religions, or just your neighbor.

“Instead, regard Christ the Lord as holy in your hearts. Whenever anyone asks you to speak of your hope, be ready to defend it.” 1 Peter 3:15 CEB

Check out the vidcast below:

According to the Barnes & Noble description,

Street-Level Apologetics is an encouraging resource for anyone who wants to sharpen their skills in urban apologetics and street-level evangelism. Vocab Malone is a Christian apologist with two decades of experience, both online and on the street. He offers this book as a practical, theological, and biblical guide to modern day urban apologetics and street-level evangelism. This book will challenge you and ignite your passion to display God’s glory in your apologetics and evangelism. After reading Street-Level Apologetics, you’ll feel inspired to engage your city context with the life-changing truth of the gospel.”

Besides Vocab Malone, evangelists Adam Coleman, DA Newman, and MJ Jackson also contribute to the book, giving excellent insight into how to reach your neighbors.

StudioJake Faith is hosted by Jacob Airey. The channel is meant to equip and inspire Christians to defend their faith. We will discuss apologetics, devotionals, interviews, hot button social issues, and more all from a Gospel perspective.

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