‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 6 Comic Book Review

Batman: The Knight‘ continues with issue six. Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico are putting the whole new NEW DC Comics origin for Bruce Wayne.

In the mountains of Europe, Bruce Wayne and his friend Anton meet Luka Jungo, said to be the greatest marksman in the world. At first hesitant, he agrees to train the pair in the fine art of archery and gunfighting as long as they swear to always “disarm.” Bruce and Anton agree so they can begin training. However, tensions start to grow between the two as disagreements arise on how to handle crime, particularly with Wayne remembering Gotham. Luka suspects something is off and begins to doubt the sincerity of the two he is training to be hunters.

The artwork is starting to feel more of the same. I am glad that there is continuity between the issues, but Luka could have been drawn slightly more unique compared to others in the series. There were also a few panels that were solid colors that did not match well with the vibe of what was happening in the moment. In previous issues, this was not the case. To be clear, the quality has not dropped, but maybe the isolation of the issue made it stick out.

Anton is probably one of the worst characters introduced into the Batman mythology. While I did not have an issue with Bruce Wayne’s training segments, this new character is annoying. He had so much potential, but he is just kind of there. I am honestly wondering if he was just a “self-insert” character that a lot of these writers are putting in these days.

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