Top 10 Spider-Man Suits

When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first unleashed Spider-Man in the red and blue webbed threads, they did not know a pop culture icon was created. Since his original costume premiered, Peter Parker has worn several variations of this suit as the web-slinger. Here are the Top 10 Spider-Man Suits (besides his original):

10. The Amazing

When Andrew Garfield appeared in the duology, his first outfit looked rough, exactly what you would see for a friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

09. Future Foundation

Spidey went to work for Reed Richards, becoming an honorary member of the Fantastic Four complete with a new costume.

08. Stark Suit

In the MCU, Tony Stark provided Spidey with an epic Iron Spider armor that helped take on Thanos.

07. Trilogy

Tobey Maguire portrays an older webslinger who helps mentor his counterparts.

06. Original Iron Spider

During the Civil War, Spider-Man briefly sided with Iron Man before realizing Stark had built a prison in a different dimension.

05. Noir

Within the SpiderVerse lies a darker, more hardboiled version of Spider-Man who does not pull his punches.

04. Superior

Doctor Octopus gained control of Peter Parker’s body and become a new version of Spider-Man, a superior one.

03. GameVerse

Using technology from Doctor Octavius’ laboratory, Peter Parker created a new costume with a special design on it.

02. MCU

Tom Holland brought Peter Parker to life and received this suit when he helped cure Doc Ock.

01. Symbiote Suit

During the “Secret Wars” Marvel event, Spider-Man would encounter the alien entity that would become known as Venom. He would wear the dark suit at various points in his life.

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