‘Interceptor’ Review- Actively Tries To Insult The Audience’s Intelligence

Interceptor‘ is an action thriller directed by Matthew Reilly, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Stuart Beattie. It was made by the movie production companies Ambience Entertainment and Foryor Entertainment before being released by Netflix.

A USA military base in Alaska is attacked, being revealed as an anti-nuclear defense facility. The only one remaining, a remote base in the Pacific ocean receives new officer Captain J. J. Collins (Elsa Pataky) who was assigned there as punishment for revealing misconduct aimed at her by a general. After meeting the crew, the base is attacked by a terrorist Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey) whose men have stolen nuclear missiles with a plan to disable the facility so it cannot intercept the nukes targeting America. J.J. must use all of her wits to stop the attack as help is miles away.

Chris Hemsworth serves as one of the executive producers. He also has a cameo as a slacker working at a department store, a role that went uncredited. These few scenes were the only good parts of the whole film.

When it comes to action films, whether the protagonist is male or female, you do have to suspend your reasoning a bit. That is to be expected. However, this movie seemingly mocks its audience with how much you have to suspend for any of the plot to make sense.

Whether an action hero is a man or a woman, you expect them to be superhuman just a bit. J.J. is not just a bit, it is ridiculous the number of things she can pull off. She gets beat up, shocked, stabbed, shot, all in the span of ninety minutes, with no time for rest, but she still overwhelmingly beats up opponents twice her size. At one point, her right arm is completely useless, but she still manages to fight off a perfectly fine and much larger ex-special forces guy with almost no problem. It got silly, but not in the way to make you laugh, more like cringe. Also, I am pretty sure the writers did not do a lick of research on nuclear physics.

I also did not think so many “yes, queen” moments could be shoved into a film. You would think it was a comedy how many times J.J. gets told how great she is while also combating “toxic masculinity” and “mansplaining,” the latter is literally mentioned in dialogue. Yes, a human being thought it was clever to slide in J.J. calling out mansplaining. Oh yes, let’s not forget one of the villains is a racist… for no reason whatsoever. It was a caricature and downright stupid. I rolled my eyes so hard that I almost gave myself a headache.

This is compounded by the bad acting. Every person delivered their lines like it was a work of high school stageplay. It was not just the way lines were delivered, the body language was all wrong too. It was amateur hour.

Oh yes, let’s not forget the editing mistakes. In one scene, J.J. stabs one of the antagonists in the neck, five seconds later, no stab wound and the antagonist keeps on kicking. Oh yes, the bad guys also bring acid to destroy the computer terminals. One spills some and then gets killed by J.J., but then the acid just stops working. It also disappears by the end of the film.

Bottom line, I know Netflix has a reputation for uploading bad films, but Interceptor is on another level. This is one of those films you find on a free streamer or uploaded randomly to YouTube. It could barely be called a work of cinema.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Strong foul language, Being an insult to cinema

FAVORITE QUOTE: For the record, I believed you.

Check out the trailer below:

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