‘BRZRKR’ 9 Comic Book Review

John Wick‘ star Keanu Reeves brings us ‘BRZRKR,’ a comic book series from Boom Studios with writer Matt Kindt and artists Ron Garney and Bill Crabtree. This is a look at issue nine.

After being launched into space and returning, the Berserker returns realizing that government agent Caldwell has betrayed him. He goes on a rampage, wiping out anyone who gets in his way with nothing but his bare knuckles. As Caldwell watches from a darkened room, military psychiatrist Diana is being held in a test tube. As Berserker gets closer to his target, he does not realize he is being led into a trap.

Ron Garney continues to deliver on the artwork and I loved the main cover by Garney and Crabtree. It is incredibly cool, combing reds, blues, and blacks to show us the intensity of the story with all of the action matching.

I was not a fan of issue eight as it had a lot of exposition dumped onto you, but this issue takes us back to the story and we get to see Berserker go full-on berserk. Kindt and Reeves definitely bring it on here and I loved seeing the plot get back on track. The show is now entering its last three issues and I am excited to see how it concludes.

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