Lindsey Stirling: “Love Goes On And On” Music Review

Lindsey Stirling teamed up with Evanescence singer Amy Lee for the song “Love Goes On And On” from Stirling’s ‘Artemis’ album. This time, it gets an overhaul with a brand new music video featuring some forestry images.

Similar to other titles on ‘Artemis,’ the song has a fantasy fiction and fairy tale feel to how it is brought about. Stirling brings on her incredible composition and Amy Lee is, of course, brilliant. They both compliment each other well and make the song very memorable. I also enjoyed the music video which saw Stirling’s signature love of the outdoors. It matched the song well and flowed nicely.

Check out the music below:

Stirling discussed collaborating with Amy Lee, telling The Morning Call, “And when I was working on this song and did the instrumental version, the song just needed something more. I knew it was — it’s like a super epic song and it just needed something more, and I couldn’t think of anyone else besides Amy Lee.”

“Her voice on this song would just be so cool. Of course, when I reached out, she was so sweet and excited to be on it. And added so much to the song. There were no lyrics when I sent it to her,” she added according to Blabbermouth.

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