Premiere Rippaverse Campaign Crosses Over A Million

YouTuber, podcast host, singer, and now comic book creator Eric July recently launched his first crowdfunding for his premiere Rippaverse title ‘Isom.’

The comicbooks subreddit banned fans from sharing links to the Rippaverse, BoundingIntoComics wrote, claiming Eric July was part of a “hate group.” However, that has not slowed down Isom as fans celebrated the launch, helping to reach its goal incredibly quickly with many commenting on the compelling plot details and impressive illustrations.

July celebrated the success of Isom with the announcement on the official Rippaverse social media that campaign had reached over a million dollars.

“This day has been unbelievable. You guys are incredible. THANK YOU,” he wrote.

“What an INSANE response right out the gate from you guys! We’ve already exceeded ONE MILLION DOLLARS on Isom #1! Time for a celebration,” he added in another post, inviting fans to a celebratory stream.

Aside from the comic book Isom #1, backers can also purchase items like posters, shirts, and trading cards, plus a selection of variant covers. The campaign is only growing more successful despite the haters.

Check out the launch trailer below:

The official website states, “The Rippaverse is FINALLY here and Isom #1 is the perfect comic book to launch it. Written by the founder of Rippaverse Publishing, Eric July, this book not only serves as the beginnings of a new character, but also as a launching pad for what will inevitably be an ever-expanding comic book universe. With pencil and ink work from industry veteran Cliff Richards and color-work from Gabe Eltaeb, this book could only be an intriguing, explosive experience. Letterer Eric Weathers applied his undeniable touch to help bring this 96-page book to life. So, what is it all about?”

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