Caleb Hyles and Tre Watson: My Hero Academia’s “Peace Sign” OP 2 Cover

Caleb Hyles and Tre Watson are back covering the second theme song to the hit anime and manga ‘My Hero Academia.’ The series takes place in a future where the majority of the population has powers or “quirks.” Some of those people become heroes. I was excited to see what Caleb and Tre would do with the OP titled “Peace Sign.”

Nothing can quite capture the magic of the original theme song, but this one gets pretty darn close. The two singers definitely pay homage to the show in a big way. Their collaboration was perfect. I appreciated that they gave us their version and that it honors the original. It was fun, thrilling, and exciting, and they pull no punches in making it a cool tribute to the anime.

Check out the music video:

“I’m so glad that I get to do these songs with you. It’s such a great feeling seeing it come to life like this,” Tre Watson said in the YouTube comment section of the song.

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