‘Wolverine: Knight Of Terra’ Graphic Novel Review

Wolverine: Knight of Terra‘ is a Marvel Comics 1995 one-shot written by John Ostrander and based on a plot by Ian Edginton. The artwork is done by Jan Duursema.

Wolverine finds himself in another dimension facing off against a giant creature called “The Beast.” Meanwhile, on Muir Island, Professor X, Moira MacTaggert, and Bishop hear a scream coming from the New Mutant known as Wolfsbane only to find that she has become savage. Prof. X reveals it is not Wolfsbane but a Princess from a different world. Wolfsbane finds herself in a world called Terra, which is filled with magic and surrounded by people who resemble her fellow mutant. They warn her the Beast is coming and desires to kill her, but Wolverine is doing everything he can to stop it.

This was during a time when Marvel Comics truly cared about the X-Men. Not only is the artwork fantastic, but they truly cultivated the plot. They used the sci-fi angle of the characters and pulled them into a fantasy context. It could have come off as cheesy, but instead, it was actually a great story with some cool battles between Wolverine and the antagonist.

It is a shame that Marvel Comics has gone the woke route because if they had stayed the course with stories like these, the X-Men would still be one of the bestselling comic book series of all time.

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