‘The Terminal List’ TV Show Review

The Terminal List‘ is an action-thriller series created by David DiGilio and based on a novel by Jack Carr. It was released on Prime Video with Chris Pratt serving as an executive producer.

Navy SEAL Lt. Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt) is serving overseas when he and his teammates are caught in a trap, leaving just himself and his pal Boozer (Jared Shaw) alive. After dismissing reporter Katie Buranek (Constance Wu), he arrives back in the USA to a sympathetic wife Lauren (Riley Keough), daughter Lucy (Arlo Mertz), and former SEAL friend Ben (Taylor Kitsch). After Boozer dies in an apparent suicide, NCIS raises questions about the operation, seemingly blaming his team for the set-up. When his family is killed, Reece engages in a one-man war against those who betrayed him even after a brain injury seems to be affecting his judgment.

I read the novel that this show is based on and I thought it was compelling. So I was excited to hear that Amazon Studios was making an adaption with Pratt producing and starring. I thought it did a good job of translating parts of the books and while it somewhat tweaked the climax, I still thought it was satisfactory. It is a shame that they are not putting the same level of care into their Middle Earth projects.

Admittedly, Chris Pratt was not the first person I pictured James Reece. No surprise, a young Chuck Norris was the first actor I pictured while reading the book. With this in mind, Pratt pulls out all of the stops for the role. He was serious, brutal, and brought on the rage that poured out of the novel’s pages.

I also enjoyed the rest of the cast. Constance Wu was excellent in portraying a journalist and how they should conduct themselves professionally. This was honestly the most unrealistic part of the show. Jai Courtney, Sean Gunn, and Jeanne Tripplehorn appear throughout the show and turn out incredible performances. I would be remiss if I did not mention JD Pardo, who portrayed FBI Agent Tony Layun as a resilient law enforcement official tracking Reece and I really enjoyed his character.

At times, the show did feel a bit rushed, but it never loses its focus, felt off-kilter, or engaged in mindless woke politics. If I could compare it, the show is similar in tone to the Taken films, but instead of a rescue, it is about revenge. I was impressed with it and enjoyed every thrilling moment.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Brutal violence, Nudity

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