‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 12 Comic Book Review

We finally reached the end. The DC Comics Black Label allowed writer Tom King to make a mockery of the Dark Knight with ‘Batman/Catwoman‘ and the final twelfth issue, illustrated by Clay Mann.

In the first story arc, Alfred prepares Christmas at Wayne Manor while Bruce Wayne begins to admit his feelings for Selina. In the second tale, Batman deals with the fallout from Joker’s battle with the Phantasm, but Clark Kent and Lois Lane arrive in Gotham City for a surprise. In the final plot, Helena Wayne argues with Selena about the legacy of Batman and Catwoman as Mrs. Kyle prepares to flee from the police, though she vows to return to Gotham.

If this issue had been placed on my desk as an editor, I would have fired the writer and artist in the spot. That is how bad this story comes across.

All I can say is that I am glad this is over. The three arcs made it bloated. The characters were written poorly. Including the Phantasm made no sense. The Christmas theme was downright stupid. The issues took too long to print. It was an abject failure. Especially this issue. Half of it is Helena and Selina arguing over a holiday gift.

As for the artwork, Mann is a talented guy, but you could tell he was phoning it in for this one. Sure, the covers have been good, but you can feel mediocrity was dripping into these last few issues.

When he is not making up stories about chasing away fans who just want his autograph, I do not know what Tom King is doing besides ruining Batman. His depiction of the Dark Knight is not as a stoic, hardcore crimefighter, but as an emotional weakling who cannot do anything without Catwoman finding a way to insult or belittle him. Keep in mind that this is the woman DC Comics is trying to convince you that he loves.

It was regressive, unimpressive, and showed a complete lack of imagination in how this “love story” was supposed to come together. We should have seen the writing on the wall when King could not maintain the individual Batman issues. This was supposed to conclude his arc how he wanted and if this is the ending he wanted, I am glad he is gone.

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