Ryan Stevenson: “I Cry Jesus” Music Review

Ryan Stevenson dropped the music single “I Cry Jesus” in early 2022. The song is written by Stevenson, Toby McKeehan, and Bryan Fowler, who also produced it. He also dropped a lyric video to go along with it.

The song speaks of hope in the midst of a troubled mind. The song’s message starts off by discussing how the troubles of the world can bring chaos to one’s life and there is a lot of pain. However, there is hope in the name of Jesus. He is our Lord and Savior, bringing life and peace to the world.

Stevenson’s lyrics definitely capture the love that he has for God and the love that God has for us. It is an uplifting song with lots of exhortation for the listener. I found it a good song that helps encourage you. I do think some of his earlier works are better, but you cannot deny he where he is soul lies.

Stevenson does a good job of delivering this message and he definitely puts his heart into it. I think that it would bring some good vibes to your playlist.

You can watch the lyric video below:

“May this become our prayer from now on! In the stress, angst, fear & uncertainty- in EVERY situation, let out FIRST response be to cry out to the Lord! Let Jesus, his name, be the word that we speak,” Stevenson told his fans on social media.

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