‘BRZRKR’ 8 Comic Book Review

BRZRKR‘ is a comic book series from Boom Studios that has an interesting staff. Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt are writing the issues with Ron Garney handling the artwork. It is now on issue eight.

The military psychiatrist Diana and shadowy government agent Caldwell bring the Berserker out in the middle of the desert to test his full power. Locked underground, they allow him to unleash his full potential. At first, the experiment does not appear to be working, but soon a destructive force that anyone has ever seen becomes unleashed upon the Earth.

As far as the story so far, I am enjoying it a great deal. The comic book has a great deal of action, adventure, and thrills to keep you hooked. Not to mention, you grow to like the Berserker as you learn more about his past and his motives for helping the government with these missions.

Now, this single issue I was not crazy about. It just had so much monologuing and exposition compared to some of the previous entries. I think continuing the action would have been more interesting, but that could be me being nitpicky.

Ron Garney continues to be impressive with the artwork. I especially liked a particular full-page scene that was minimalist, but very cool. The main cover by Lee Garrett is also really cool. I like how he combines reds and blacks to show us the intensity of the story.

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