‘Batman/Catwoman’ Issue 11 Comic Book Review

Tom King continues his march to make the Dark Knight look as pathetic as possible in ‘Batman/Catwoman’ issue 11 from the DC Comics Black Label. This one is drawn by Clay Mann.

Once again, we are mixed up in three different timelines. The first timeline follows a time early in the relationship between Batman and Catwoman as they are stopping the Joker. The second follows the two as they are battling the Joker and the Phantasm who are in a battle that could destroy Gotham City. The third arc tells of Selina and Bruce’s daughter Helena, who is protecting her mom while Dick Grayson suspects her of killing the Joker.

I liked the eleventh issue cover designed by Mann. That is about it.

Nothing happens in this issue. If you are collecting this series, you could literally skip it. There is nothing but monologue about the character’s relationships and their feelings. It was more like a stream of consciousness instead of a story and it got boring very quickly. Tom King is not a good writer and I cannot imagine anyone wanting to hire him after this travesty.

Mann does a decent job with the illustrations, but I can tell he is just phoning it in. Compared to some of his other works, this one was chaotic. There was one full-page drawing of Batman that was pretty neat.

This whole idea was a bust from the beginning and I am glad there is one issue left in this series.

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