Veteran Launches Patriot Comics Imprint With Comic Book Legends

Gulf War veteran Mike Alderman wants to change the face of comic books with the launch of the new imprint Patriot Comics with a host of other comic book creators. The new publisher is launching with their flagship titled ‘Unsolicited Justice’ which promises to bring “you A NEW KIND OF HERO, the VERY BEST of what comics have to offer!”

Novelist and comic book writer Mike Baron wrote the original story with co-editor Mike Adkins, scriptwriter Aaron Mallard, and illustrator known as the Paper Prophet. It’s definitely got a lot of talent behind the project.

Their website says, “Our goal is for this comic to be the flagship title of the PATRIOT COMICS IMPRINT—comics OF the people, BY the people, and FOR THE PEOPLE!”

“We are counting on YOU to transform the DREAM into a REALITY! GET IN on the GROUND FLOOR of a COMICS REVOLUTION,” they add.

Patriot Comics released a teaser for the comic book to hype fans up for the release:

The new endeavor also includes legendary comic book writer Mike Baron. He is recognized by fans as the creator of the cosmic avenger Nexus and the costumed crimefighter Badger, not to mention his work on Batman and The Punisher. They are joined by co-editor Mike Adkins, scriptwriter Aaron Mallard, and illustrator known as the Paper Prophet. The cover is done by Tom Grindberg, who has done work on DC Comics characters such as Aquaman, Captain Atom, Superman, as well as Marvel characters like Silver Surfer, Venom, Thor, and Spider-Man.

As mainstream comics become less and less desirable, these new imprints and indie campaigns are something to keep an eye on.

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