Mark Mittelberg’s ‘Contagious Faith’ Book Highlight

Contagious Faith: Discover Your Natural Style for Sharing Jesus with Others‘ is a book by Mark Mittelberg that shares some insight for Christians who might be nervous about sharing the Gospel with their neighbors, friends, and family.

The GoodReads synopsis explains,

“As disciples of Christ, we are called to share the gospel, but few of us are naturally comfortable with evangelism. We wrestle with internal fears, a lack of preparation, and the sense that reaching out to others might force us to act like someone we’re not. What if we could find a way to talk about Jesus that fits our personalities, makes us feel confident, and ignites a fire in others? In Contagious Faith, bestselling author and teacher Mark Mittelberg introduces five approaches to evangelism and helps you determine which of them fit best with your unique personality and style…”

Mr. Mittelberg shares his wisdom on how to present the Gospel to those closest to us or with complete strangers. His ideas are biblically sound and practical, making easier it for someone who may not have experience in evangelizing to follow along. A lot of books will focus too much on the academic side of things, but Mittelberg finds a good balance in presenting his ideas.

I appreciate his use of scripture and personal testimonies to back up his strategies and bring it to fruition and relevance in today’s world. Any reader could find wisdom in the pages and good suggestions on how to speak with folks about Jesus.

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