‘Logan Lucky’ Review- Revved Up And Ready To Roll

Logan Lucky‘ is a 2017 action-comedy directed by Steven Soderbergh and based on a screenplay by Rebecca Blunt. Soderbergh had previously retired from filmmaking but returned to direct this movie for Fingerprint Releasing and Bleecker Street.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is a West Virginia native who gets laid off from his construction jobs handling the tubes underneath the Charlotte Motor Speedway. To put salt in the wound, his ex-wife Bobbie Jo (Katie Holmes) and her husband Moody (David Denman) are moving away with his daughter with whom he is close. After defending his brother Clyde Logan (Adam Driver), who is missing an arm from a war injury, from a rude NASCAR owner Max (Seth MacFarlane), he hatches a plan to rob the Speedway with his knowledge. They recruit jailed safe-cracker Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) to help with the plot, but nosy law enforcement agents are watching them.

Okay, I laughed a lot during this movie. The humor lands on every single level. I grew up in Dallas, Texas so not necessarily “out in the sticks,” but definitely within that Southern sphere. A lot of filmmakers make the mistake of laughing “at” Southern folks instead of laughing “with” them and this one captures the “with” of it, making it very fun and thrilling. I also liked the poking fun at the “heist” genre of action films that Soderbergh himself made popular for a brief time.

I also liked the cast. They all did a good job with their respective characters and brought a lot of charm to the plot. Daniel Craig needs a huge highlight. While his later film where he plays a Southern detective sounds like a British actor faking an inflection, his local accent sounds much better and more genuine in this movie. I wondered what went wrong as I enjoyed his pronunciation in this context.

Credit to Soderburgh for making the plot fun, thrilling, comedic, and enthralling. He is a genuine talent and the perfect one to bring him back to Hollywood after a four-year break. It is a shame it was followed by two duds and a handful of “don’t bother.” This one reminds us what Hollywood use to be even before they went totally political. They could produce solid comedies with action, enduring characters, and heart. That era is missed.

Bottom line, Logan Lucky is a hilarious action-adventure that keeps you hooked with its wit and charm. It is may not get accolades, but it is a blast to watch and you will not be disappointed.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some violence, Some foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: People say that about us?

Check out the trailer below:

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