‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 4 Comic Book Review

Issue four continues DC Comics new NEW origin for Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman: The Knight.’ It is a ten-part comic book series from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico. It provides a total overhaul to the origins of the Dark Knight.

After leaving France, Bruce Wayne heads to the mountains behind North Korea to train with the Martial Arts legend Master Kirigi. While there, Bruce excels and befriends a fellow student. Together, they become the top students at the school. However, when a group of mysterious assassins arrive, Bruce begins to doubt Master Kirigi’s leadership.

Now, I do like the artwork. The character illustrations were striking and I liked the overall look of the dojo.

The comic book series spent two issues with Bruce working with a random French thief we have never heard of, but they completely skip over his time with Ducard. I get it, they want to put their own twist on things, especially since Ducard was used a lot in One Year Later and New 52, but come on. Give him one issue. If you want to be the newer origin, you got to either do the references or not do them, but never only go half-way.

Honestly, I did not get why this issue was necessary for the Batman mythology. It took twenty pages to get to the point of the story which could have been told in five. There was a lot of fluff and not a lot plot movement, but that sums up the state of DC Comics in these times.

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