‘Overmind’ Creator Jon Del Arroz Discusses Winning Pop Culture

Indie writer and comic book creator Jon Del Arroz joins StudioJake to discuss his new graphic novel ‘Overmind’ which features artwork from Ms. Krimson. The crowdfunding campaign has already exceeded its goal and this is not a first for Del Arroz. From historical fiction to action adventures to space operas, he has brought some pretty epic reading to fans and fandoms everywhere. We also discuss pop culture, why Hollywood hates the fans, the comic book industry, and what indie creators are doing to develop new fandoms.

Check out the interview below:

About Jon Del Arroz:

He is an award-winning comic creator with 17 successful crowdfunds for his comics. He’s been working in the field since 2012 and is known as “the Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction”. He is a big fan of tennis and will be waking up early to watch the French Open at the start of this campaign (the matches start at 2 AM California time!).

Check out ‘Overmind‘:

“Ayla Rin, Agent of Terra Prime has uncovered a plot against the Imperium! On a faraway colony planet, the governor is linking his populace into an ethernet where they are being mind-controlled by a rogue artificial intelligence that seeks galactic domination!

Only Alya Rin can stop this nefarious plot and save humanity as we know it. Fans of Valerian, The Incal, and Saga will love OVERMIND!”

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