‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker’ 3 Comic Book Review

Comic book writer Brian Azzarello and artist Alex Maleev bring us the third issue and finale of ‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker.’ It is brought to us from the DC Comics Black Label as a new miniseries and was the first team-up for Maleev and Azzarello.

Red Hood is tasked with leading Harley Quinn, Wild Dog, Plastique, Firefly, Silver Banshee, Peebles, Yonder Man, and Meow Meow as a new incarnation of Task Force X. Their mission is to kill the Joker. Unfortunately, things go awry when the Joker steals their “control boxes” and Amanda Waller sends a second team to wipe them out. As casualties pile up, the Joker seems to have his own plan and Jason Todd must pull all of his resources to stay alive as bullets rain down from Peacemaker, Bloodsport, Deathstroke, and other enemies.

As for the artwork, I do not have anything to add to the previous issues. The artwork by Maleev compliments and enhances the story. It definitely highlights the grit and the grime that the Suicide Squad can only bring to missions. Everything from the illustrations to the character designs brings it to its fullest potential. The visuals are fantastic and I thought it was good.

I liked the action in the finale and even the battle between the two rival squads. My problem was with the finale. It left it too ambiguous and open to interpretation. Also, the other squad had a cool line-up, but they were all “walk-on” cameos. There was also this very brutal scene where it is implied that the second hit squad massacres a bunch of orphans to get to Jason Todd and Task Force X. It was very disturbing.

I think it would have been a better story if the ending was wrapped up and those characters were expanded on. Azzarello is insanely talented, so I am curious what the thought process was for the way this ended.

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