Gina Carano Announces Release Date For New Film ‘Terror On The Prairie’

Martial Arts champion and movie star Gina Carano became a target of the woke SJW bullies when she dared to have her own mind and speak her own mind who bullied Disney into firing her. Their minds exploded when she was tapped for not one, but three different projects. A film adaptation of “White Knuckle” as well as My Son Hunter, but fans waited for her upcoming Western flick Terror On The Prairie.

After the trailer dropped earlier this year, fans waited for a release date. Fortunately, Carano announced the premiere on social media as June 14th, 2022 along with a new film poster.

Besides Carano, the movie will star Nick Searcy (The Best of Enemies), Matthias Hues (Maximum Impact), MMA Fighter Donald Cerrone, stand-up Tyler Fischer, Heath Freeman (12 Mighty Orphans), Samaire Armstrong (Stay Alive), Travis Mills (The Coop), Rhys Becker (Back in Time), Izzy Marshall (The List), Jeremy Gauna (Buckskin), and Thomas White Eagle.

IMDb explains that the story follows “a pioneering family in a newly built farm which is being attacked and they must fight against the gang of outlaws that are terrorizing them.”

Check out the trailer below:

The Astronaut Farmer‘ director Michael Polish is taking over the director’s chair with ‘The Standoff At Sparrow Creek‘ producer Dallas Sonnier serving as a producer with Amanda Presmyk.

The movie will be executive produced by Daily Wire co-founders Jeremy Boreing, Ben Shapiro, and Caleb Robinson as well as Nicolas Chartier and Jonathan Deckter of Voltage Pictures, who is distributing the film internationally.

It will be released under their Bonfire Legend banner and will stream exclusively to the Daily Wire.

After starring in the first two seasons of the Disney Star Wars show The Mandalorian, Carano was unceremoniously fired after some social media posts rubbed the woke mob throwing a hissy fit. She proved herself by starting a rebellion against the SJW bullies.

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