‘Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star’ Documentary Review

Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star‘ is a Netflix true crime documentary series made up of five episodes. It was directed by Sara Blecher and made by Storyscope, Reeleyes Film, and Ten10 Films. The story discusses the murder of South American soccer star Senzo Robert Meyiwa.

Senzo is a rising soccer star who played as a striker, goalkeeper, and Orlando Pirates team captain who is beloved by the country of South Africa. He takes care of his mother, father, and family with his winnings. By all accounts, Senzo is a kind and shy man despite his fame in the sports world. While visiting his girlfriend, singer Kelly Khumalo, he is shot and killed. The initial story was that it was a robbery gone wrong, but a nation begins to doubt the official narrative sparking outrage. As a result, fingers are pointed at friends, neighbors, and even Kelly. After half a decade, arrests were made, but they only left more questions about the tragic death of Senzo.

We are taken on a rollercoaster ride as Senzo’s life is opened up and examined through interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues. Despite his relationship with Kelly, he also had a wife named Mandisa. Could one of them be responsible for his death? The confusion and accusations surrounding the tragic shooting only opened it up to controversy and conspiracy theories.

The docuseries definitely highlights some of those conspiracies, including whether his wife or girlfriend planned it, a jealous friend did it, whether it was an accident, or if a gang was responsible for the crime. Certainly, the South African authorities believe in the gang theory, but that did not sway the public very much. There were so many inconsistencies in the investigation that it dragged on for so long.

I honestly felt that the documentary was a bit sensational. I mean, a man died and they were exploring every single conspiracy that washed up. I know it is difficult as a documentarian to decide how to weed out what theories, but at times, it got a bit burdensome trying to remember which theory we were being shown.

Outside of that, I did find it interesting. It was well-shot, had some excellent interviews, and truly brought to light what a tragedy the murder of Senzo was. His family interviews were some of the most sobering, hearing how a bright and talented young man was taken soon.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Shocking topics, Thematic elements, Some foul language

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