Metal Band “Desert Near The End” To Release Fifth Album

The metal band Desert Near The End is prepping to drop their latest album The Dawning of the Son on May 27, 2022. The new album features the single “Rise for Dominion” which was released in April 2022 as well as seven other tracks set with their iconic sound.

The album also features some pretty cool artwork from Panagiotis Vlamis which shows characters in an intense battle.

“‘The Dawning of the Son’ is set for release on May 27 of 2022! As the time of the pandemic seems to be at its end, Desert Near the End used this two-year break as an opportunity to be creative. Delivering the direct successor of their previous endeavor, ‘of Fire and Stars,'” Angel PR confirms in a press release.

“This time they managed to balance the aggression with melody reaching to an outcome that feels more “Desert Near the End” than ever before. Influences have been tamed and a more personal sound has risen, revealing a path across the Desert more clear than ever before,” they continue.

They added, “Lyrically is based on the first trilogy of “The Red Rising Saga” by Pierce Brown who offered great inspiration and food for thought to the band. The album was recorded and mixed once again at the Incorporated M. Studios and was engineered by Vassilis Pappas.”

The album was made in collaboration with the German music company Boersma Records.

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