‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ (2022) Review- A Mediocre Grift

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers‘ is a 2022 revival of that revisits the afternoon Disney cartoon. It is directed by Akiva Schaffer and would make its way onto Disney Plus for streaming. It was a co-production with Mandeville Films.

Chip (John Mulaney) and Dale (Andy Samberg) have a falling out after the latter leaves “Rescue Rangers” for his own show, leading to both being cancelled. Years later, Dale is working the convention circuit and grifting on the fans while Chip is an insurance salesman. They get a call from their old friend Monterey “Monty” Jack (Eric Bana), who has relapsed into his stinky cheese addiction and is in debt to Sweet Pete (Will Arnett), a grown-up Peter Pan, who is producing bootleg Disney films. When Monty goes missing, the two decide to get back into action when Police Captain Putty (J.K. Simmons) tells them there is little hope. Working with Detective Ellie Steckler (KiKi Layne), the two become Rescue Rangers once again to find their friend before it is too late.

The one thing the film has going for it is the inside jokes. They have several about Disney, other franchises, and even about animation itself that any fan of animated films and TV would pick up on. It was nostalgia bait from beginning to end and I was here for it.

Outside of that, the movie is mediocre at best and grifts at worst. The story tried to be self-aware as a reboot and threw the term around a lot, but it only displayed a lack of self-awareness. No one asked for this version of Chip and Dale, but here it is, grifting its way to streaming.

As a fan of the original TV show, it was also kind of disappointing. I am tired of these remakes where the heroes have become a joke (or never cool to begin with) and only serves as laughs. Granted, the show poked fun at its stars, but it was clever and never mean-spirited. The dialogue in the film had no cleverness and you were left scratching your head as to why Disney hates its legacy so much. It is a shame too because the DuckTales reboot DID show reverence to its source material while crafting something new. This one does not even attempt it.

What is truly disturbing is how the film treats Peter Pan. Yes, we have all seen variations of Pan as a grown up and not being the imp he is in the Disney version. I am shocked that they could not have used a villain from the original cartoon and instead tried to deep cut with a borish version of such a beloved character. Not only that, the movie seems to openly mock the original voice actor for Peter Pan, Bobby Driscoll, and how he died. Disney literally threw him the gutter when he was no longer useful and instead of using this as a self-reflection, they used it to turn a brilliant character into a lame bad guy.

Disney clearly hates their legacy characters and I am aghast as to why. This film only exposes even more how they have no desire to revisit and appreciate the legacy of Walt Disney. It is an embarrassment. Oh sure, internet personalities will dissect all of the useless cameos for years, but outside of that, there is nothing worth revisiting.

Bottom line, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is mediocre grift with no substance. It is just more nostalgia bait that turns into an insult aimed at the fans.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Cartoonish violence, Frightening images

FAVORITE QUOTE: Honey! Someone’s doing a cool pose in the driveway!

Check out the trailer below:

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