‘Batman: One Dark Knight’ Part 2 Comic Book Review

Batman: One Dark Knight‘ is a new three-part miniseries written and drawn by Jock for the DC Comics Black Label. Part 2 is subtitled “Cross The Tracks.”

After the villain known as EMP set off his powers, darkening Gotham City on his Blackgate, Batman has to literally carry him on his back. The problem is, EMP’s old gang and countless others are after them Each with a desire to kill Batman. Meanwhile, EMP’s old psychiatrist Dr. Vasquez abandons Detective Montoya to a gang and goes rogue with a secret agenda unknown to the Dark Knight or Commissioner Gordon. As Batman carries EMP on rooftops, streets, and train tracks, he has take on an enormous mob with nothing but his wits and muscle.

Jock is handling both the writing and artwork for this second issue. The first issue impressed me and this one does as well. For one thing, Jock is an impressive artist whose character and background designs wove pretty well with the vibe of the plot.

As for the story, it was fun to see Batman back to basics without his fancy equipment. From this perspective, I thought it was pretty good. There is no politics or pandering to bog down the story and I appreciated it on that level. Compared to the other Batman stuff DC Comics is putting out where Bruce Wayne talks about his feelings every two minutes instead of fighting guys, I had a good time with that.

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