Top 10 Inspiring Quotes From Chuck Smith

Pastor Chuck Smith (June 25, 1927 – October 3, 2013) was a minister, author, and church planter who is credited with founding Calvary Chapel churches. He wrote many books and preached many sermons all pointing to the love, grace, and power of God. Here are my Top 10 Inspiring Quotes From Chuck Smith:

“True education doesn’t come from the wisdom of the world, but by the guidance and the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit.”

“The Scripture makes it clear that one of the Holy Spirit’s primary tasks is to restrain evil until the time set by the Father.”

“You can fill a cup, but if you keep pouring, it’s going to overflow. This is distinct from just being just filled. This is overflowing with the Spirit.”

“Righteousness can never be legislated. It is a matter of the heart.”

“Grace transforms desolate and bleak plains into rich, green pastures. It changes grit-your-teeth duty into loving, enthusiastic service. It exchanges the tears and guilt of our own failed efforts for the eternal thrill and laughter of freely offered pleasures at the right hand of God. Grace changes everything!”

“The more you look at your problems, the bigger they get.”

“Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know.”

“We think of a martyr as one who dies for his faith; however, it is really one whose life is so totally committed to his faith that nothing will dissuade him from it, not even the threat of death. His death does not make him a martyr; it only confirms that he was truly a martyr.”

“Faith is the key to a successful Christian life.”

“The peace of God comes when you take each situation and rest it fully in His hands. You stop looking at the problems and you start looking at the Lord.”

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