‘2000 Mules’ Documentary Review

2000 Mules‘ is a political documentary co-written, directed, produced, and hosted by commentator Dinesh D’Souza. He also produced the feature through D’Souza Media and Salem with additions from True The Vote. It had an exclusive premiere on Rumble and was later released on D’Souza’s Locals page.

Author, filmmaker, and analyst Dinesh D’Souza and his wife Debbie D’Souza take their audience on a journey through the voting process. D’Souza speaks with several heavy hitters from Conservative media including Charlie Kirk, Eric Metaxes, Dennis Prager, Sebastian Gorka, Larry Elder, and others on the 2020 election. Each one has varying views on the 2020 election between then-President Trump and current President Biden. With resources from True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht, D’Souza sees security footage that exposes something shocking at ballot boxes across key states. As D’Souza digs for more information on voting data, he finds many concerning facts.

Through archival footage, stock images, but mainly interviews, D’Souza takes a look at several swing states that played a huge role in the 2020 election. The premise he sets up is that several organizations, in some cases election boards themselves, used “mules” ballot harvest. It is something pundits, experts, legal analysts, and others have discussed. The question is, does D’Souza’s film bring anything new to the table?

I would say, yes. He definitely lays out a compelling case for shenanigans going on in the 2020 election. His team of experts definitely shows a pattern of irregularities that would raise eyebrows and in a compelling way as far as a movie. I would also say that D’Souza presents the material in a way a layman like myself could understand. My only issue with the documentary is that it does not give a good solution other than to be better prepared for next time, but that might be the point.

Of course, the media is lined up to give 2000 Mules bad reviews in an attempt to debunk the information that is presented. They might as well be yelling at clouds because anyone who gets the chance to view this film will learn those tasked with safeguarding US elections may not have the best of intentions.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Thematic elements

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