‘The Girl from Plainville’ TV Review

The Girl from Plainville‘ is a miniseries that aired on Hulu that discusses the tragic suicide of Conrad Roy and the subsequent arrest of his girlfriend Michelle Carter, who is accused of involuntary manslaughter in his death. Running for eight episodes, the show was created by Liz Hannah and Patrick Macmanus.

Conrad Roy (Colton Ryan) is found dead inside his truck, causing great distress to his father (Norbert Leo Butz), mother (Chloë Sevigny), as well as family and friends. To their shock, his girlfriend Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning) arrives and begins trying to connect with his family. Police detective Scott Gordon (Kelly AuCoin) sees some text messages on Conrad’s phone between the two, some very disturbing. He convinces Assistant DA Katie Rayburn (Aya Cash) that something is up. As Michelle continues to force herself into Conrad’s inner circle, some begin to doubt her sincerity and even wonder if she had something to do with his death.

I was working for a news outlet when this story broke and the debate in the newsroom over what should have happened in this case was tense, whether you knew someone who committed suicide or not. I have my own opinions, which I will keep to myself and just focus on writing my review.

The acting was superb. Everyone did a fantastic job, but especially Colton Ryan and Elle Fanning. Both of them really captured their roles and made this miniseries worth seeing. The two of dedicated themselves to their roles with Conrad being shown with kindness and Michelle being shown accurately. I thought the filmmakers crafted the tale in a good way and while it has some hiccups, such as certain main characters disappearing toward the end, I found it enthralling.

It highlights what a crisis men and women like Conrad find themselves and how a snake can slither into their lives. It had a message of life, exposing how people in crisis need care, love, and kindness, not death. If you need help, seek it out, do not turn to someone who will take your life away.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Discussion and depictions of suicide, Disturbing scenes and topics, Thematic elements, Foul language

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