‘Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King’ Documentary Review

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King‘ is a Netflix documentary directed by Luke Sewell for Minnow Films. It follows the story of cryptocurrency manager Gerry Cotten, his mysterious death, and the fact that his version of Bitcoin disappeared, leaving investors with a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gerry Cotten was the co-founder and operator of Quadriga Fintech Solutions was the owner and operator of the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency. During the Bitcoin boom, the currency exploded, but when the bubble burst, the funds left investors with a combined loss of $250 million. As investors demanded answers, they hear of Gerry’s death in India and how his business partner had a criminal past. This leads to several conspiracy theories on what happened to the money and whether or not Gerry was actually dead.

The documentary has a fascinating tale and it presents it in a way that keeps you enthralled in the online world. From the internet to the Dark Web, everyone seemed to have a theory on what happened to Gerry and the money. I only had a pedestrian view of Bitcoin, so hearing stories of how the different variations of it worked.

I particularly felt bad for Gerry’s wife. She was made into a villain following his death and the disappearance of his money. She became a victim of online harassment from people who had a reason to be angry, just not at her.

One thing I thought was dumb is that it joins the Netflix features that have to virtue signal. Just tell the freaking story. There is no need to talk about the investors, you know the victims, were greedy. They were just trying to make a little extra money. We all want help to get by, so why victim blame. They made a bad investment with a bad investor. That was it. There was no need for extra.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some foul language, Thematic elements

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